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tv   ABC 7 Morning News  ABC  November 23, 2010 6:00am-7:00am PST

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here is a live look at the wet weather over the embarcadero this morning, more showers on the way. in fact the intensity and coverage will pick up during the morning commute. and then a chilling freeze in the forecast. >> and wet roads proving to be a challenge this morning. westbound 80, hot spot, high from san pablo dam road. i'll have details. >> i'm terry mcsweeney live in oakland where police are searching for two men who raped three women over the weekend and in this case they are hoping that money talks. way to prevent deaths, saying this is big. i'm teresa garcia live in san jose, more on tobacco legislation to hit the books in the south bay. and a big announcement from
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britain's royal, officially date and location. when to put it on the calendar. >> got your invitation yet? >> no, i'm planning on it. i'm kristen sze. >> i'm eric thomas. >> let's take a look outside what is going on with the weather. it's been raining overnight. >> live doppler 7 hd, pretty healthy showers developing around up to san francisco this is going to move over the san mateo bridge over to hayward and oakland and berkeley. you can see showers between fremont and sunol valley. concord we have rain and more developing out to the west. these showers are moving west to east and they will hang around throughout the commute until this cool front moves through. that won't be until lunchtime. once it moves through we'll talk about the freezing temperatures
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in the forecast. first, let's find out how the wet weather is affecting the commute. >> traffic heavy on westbound 80 from hercules down to san pablo dam road where we have had several accidents right near the same spot. couple lanes blocked and traffic is crawling at nine miles an hour. it is causing about a ten minute delay on westbound 80 ride. also there is an injury accident southbound 101 at broadway in burlingame this one blocking one on two right lanes and new injury crash report, calaveras on-ramp. give you updates on all of this in another report. >> this morning, oakland police are looking for a gunman accused of robbing and sexually assaulting three different women in one brutal attack and ended at the victims' apartment. terry mcsweeney is live at the oakland police with more.
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>> $30,000 is a lot of reward money. it gives you an idea of how badly they want to get a hold of these guys. take a look at where the crime begin. according to oakland police, a 26-year-old woman left the bart station saturday night. half a mile later around 11th and market street. two men came up to her, one had a gun, sexually assaulted her, took her to an atm and robbed her. then they forced her to take her to her apartment and the two men sexually assaulted her two roommates. police say there are two suspects in this case but they are not giving out much of a description only that two black males. we're hoping to hear back from oakland police later this morning. there is a $30,000 reward for
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information leading to their arrest. this morning, a marin county town is reeling after a weekend vandalism spree. san anselmow police say 37 vehicles were broken in through between late saturday night and early sunday morning. eight of the vehicle00 property stolen out of them. others were picked through and left. police say don't leave anything in your car that can tempt someone. >> there are violent confrontations involving san jose police say there is no problem among repeat violence. panel was reported by the city and they identified ten officers who were involved in four or more uses of force. they studied more than 300 cases from 2008. panel studied just 180 cases from last year. one city councilman says the report shows there is no problem
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were violence in the department. another has huge concern about the use of force by san jose officers. santa clara county supervisors will this morning consider new rules to make it more expensive for retailers to sell tobacco products or even want to sell them. teresa garcia is live in san jose bureau with details. you've got opponents are saying such tobacco legislation will really be a business buster it's going to hurt the small businesses and their concern no economic impact study on it and it shut down the businesses and decrease local tax revenue. now you have the board of supervisors voting on a measure that would regulate tobacco. it would require the existing retailers to fill out a permit application and pay an annual $425 licensing fee. the ordinance would ban the sale
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of flavored tobacco products and no permits would be issued to any new stores that have pharmacies or located within thousand feet after school or 500 feet of another retailer. city of san jose moved forward to vote for a new program that would affect nearly 900 city retailers. that tobacco businesses call it a business buster. to make it tougher for kids to smoke and that is positive. although the state has only licensing requirements, critics say it is not well enforced. county and san jose says they would use those licensing fees to put it in law enforcement to prevent sales to minors and the county that received $7 million in a federal spending program to prevent the sale of tobacco to youth and discourage smoking.
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live in san jose, teresa garcia, "abc 7 news." prince william and his fiancee kate middle ton announced a date. the wedding will be held on april 29th, april 29 is a friday and it will be a public holiday. william and kate are so popular right now, a new poll shows 64% of to see them on the throne next and skip charles and camilla. charges and camilla, not polled because they have other ideas. >> i think they probably do. >> let's check in with mike for a look at the forecast. >> live doppler 7, good morning to you. showing the waves of showers that are moving over relatively warmer and more humid ocean. that is why we have such mild conditions this morning when you step outside, not only with the showers, low to mid-50s in most
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neighborhoods. temperatures are running anywhere from the same in antioch to about 9 degrees warmer in santa rosa. 2 in san francisco and five in san jose along with concord. mild conditions leading us to the moisture that is going to bring us about .15 to half an inch by the time it ends around the lunch hour. here is the temperatures in the low to mid 50s with increasing sunshine the noon hour. as far as what is going to happen after this, we're going to be stuck in this arctic air mass for the next two night. that is. >> why we have a freeze possible tonight and another one tomorrow night. once that passes, temperatures will stay below average in the 50s with a small chance of showers saturday. frances has an update. >> things are still slowing down
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westbound 80 approaching several accidents at san pablo dam road. traffic is heavy from highway 4 out to the scene and a couple lanes still blocked. you may want to consider alternates but you may want to build in extra time for your commute. also here a better map of that accident that is in milpitas, it's the on-ramp to 680 --680. so you can see it's still green out of sunol grade. and in millbrae, rain falling and headlights moving in southbound direction, look for an injury accident at burlingame at broadway blocking the right lane. >> just ahead, how retailers are hoping to overcome an image problem. >> and a political mystery, the powerful union that has been linked to the story that many
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it's 6:13. live look from emeryville camera traffic moving along there rather slowly but you want to keep your speeds down. frances has reported on spinouts. she'll tell you what traffic is like heading up to the high sierra. >> an interesting new twist in the case of an undocumented worker that some say caused meg whitman the election. undocumented housekeeper, since she came forward and firing her, who helped get her story to the
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national spotlight. they say it was the california nurses association. she won't deny it but she prefers not to comment. >> oakland is number five on the list of most dangerous cities in the nation. it's when it was number three last year. but convincing shoppers to spend in oakland is tough sell. in rockridge neighborhood, campaign to shop local is in overdrive, shop owners say there is something here you may not get elsewhere, like friendly personal service. >> you can go to malls or san francisco but there there a lot of little great neighborhoods that make it appealing to shot locally. >> we were talking about, to put money back to the local economy instead of sending to san francisco or giving it to walnut
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creek. >> there is a push for shoppers that buy on line, do it with oakland stores so they keep profits in their city. >> we are getting word that squaw valley has been sold to a colorado based investment firm. they are pledging $50 million in improvements. they say includes the ski operations and village and related real estate holdings. they hosted the winter olympics. >> hey, what is going on? >> we'll find out what colorado is doing buying into california ski resorts. >> that is going to start some debate. >> e-mails will be overflowing. >> we're getting more snow than colorado right now.
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it's almost 6:16 and lot of wetness lingering from the showers that pass through our neighborhood. they are heading west to east around 25 miles an hour. one just a little more rain in san francisco. take a look at the broader picture, from the coast to the mountains. that water moving through the central valley and hitting the mountains and becoming snow and tough go but once you get there. there is a lot of snow to key skee on. -- to ski on. >> we have temperatures very mild. winds blowing mid to upper 50s. ocean temperatures and that is why we're in the low to mid-50s. fremont, mid to upper 40s. monterey bay, showers are still more numerous, upper 40s to low 50s. other highlights, morning rain, we'll see clearing in the afternoon. freezing cold temperatures tonight and again tomorrow night
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record lows are possible. then showers for saturday, so it looks pretty dry on sunday. here we are 7:00 in the morning, you see the arctic front moving into the north bay. the showers increase in intensity and in coverage through the 7:00 to 9:00 hours. by noon, you can see, it's pushing through the south bay which means the monterey bay dealing with showers and by 2:00 it's past you also. that is why we'll see the sunshine break out as the cold, heavy dry air starts to sink into our neighborhoods. temperatures will roughen up in into the low to mid 50s before we get into the coldest of that air. we'll get rainfall amounts of .15 to half an inch. you can see where the coldest, clearlake, mid to upper 40s there. breezes around 35 miles an hour at the coast. 25 around the bay. low to mid 50s and not as breezy inland. east bay valleys and north bay
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valleys, temperatures below freezing, around the bay, stuck in the 30s. freeze warning from 1:00 to 9:00 in the morning and all of us away from the coast has a freeze watch tomorrow night. once it passes, it will get warmer at night and in the afternoon with mid to upper 50s and small chance of a shower on saturday. good morning frances. >> we have better news on westbound 80, san pablo dam road several accidents blocking a couple lanes, but now lanes are open. what that means we'll start to see traffic recover but it is still causing about 10-12 minute delay on westbound 80 at this point. keep that in mind, but at least everything open at this point. however, 80 is closed in the sierra. here is a live shot at truckee,
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there are not letting eastbound traffic through once you get past apple gate. you can't get past that and from the nevada state line because due to so much snow and accidents along that stretch. highway 50 is open but you will need chains. bay bridge fol toll plaza, metering lights not on yet. you'll see the ponding so look out for that. get updates any time by going to our website at i know you would be interested in this story, finding toys for your children can be a real challenge, but michael finney has the best toys
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for children ages three to seven. >> they considered hundreds of toys then asked kids from ages three to seven to try out 75 of them. among the best, is a shopping cart. >> the shopping cart, they are going up and down and getting food items. >> kids loved the explorer, to use the touch screen and parents are abe to track progress online. imagination, takes center stage with the real construction tool kit. kids are able to create fun structures. >> it's a great i would not say. kids are able to use it and decorate it. >> check out more of good housekeeping's best toy awards at >> coming up, what do they eat? what passengers aboard a
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carnival cruise were actually fed for days. >> and recipe for disaster. how to
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now, that is recipe for holiday disaster. you are looking at men low fire department's demonstration what happens when water is thrown on a deep fryer filled with overheated cooking oil. use a fire exercise not water and don't overfill it -- extinguisher and never deep fry a curbing can i in the house are a wooden deck.
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put the lid back on and remove the pot but use an extinguisher. >> alaskan mystery. did the passengers stuck on that carnival cruise ship that caught fire actually eat any spam? they told about the meat they ate during stuck in the waters off of baja california. they say there was emergency spam but never served any to passengers. one passenger agrees says the meat had round edges that rules out spam. >> it comes out of that square can but yeah, it's a little bit rounded. it's salty, it was probably spam. >> the mystery continues. >> still ahead, korea, overnight fire fight. >> and this week's rain and snow
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are boosting optimism about next year's california water supply. >> and big concern coming from dozens of sburs hoping to can picked for one of four huge medical marijuana farms in oakland. i'm terry mcsweeney where two men sexually assaulted three women and police are offering a lot of money for your help in finding these guys. the story is coming up after the break. >> and same sister system is now bearing down on the east coast. up and down from atlanta and boston, we'll have more. >> a lot of accidents, couple of injury accident crashes due to slick roads. we'll have an update on the drive through richmond. it's still slow due to an earlier accident. n├▒aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa8
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>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld.
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opening bell already ringing on wall street marking the start of the trading day, fighting between north and south korea and ongoing worries about european debt are pointing to a lower opening. the economy grew slightly faster last summer. ireland also having problems both economically and politically. we'll go live to the new york stock exchange in about 15 minutes. >> and we needed the water but if you are looking to dry off. >> check in mike. >> we will have to deal with a killing freeze but this morning, not yet. we are dealing with wet weather. san mateo bridge, eastern sections over towards hayward, pretty healthy radar return heading through the sunol grade
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and eventually livermore. another healthy return around novato down to san rafael up to petaluma. these are moving to the west at around 25 miles an hour. over the last six hours, we have had .01 in san jose and especially near the front that is just to the north. so we'll see the rainfall intensify as the front moves through. talk about the freezing temperatures. first, let's find out about the commute. >> there have been a lot of accidents. slowest, westbound 80 from hercules down through richmond because of several earlier accidents near san pablo dam road. causing a 13-15-minute delay. check out the accidents on the peninsula, each of them blocking one lane. you've got one southbound 280 at millbrae, at broadway, to the 380 connector so be extra careful on your drive to work.
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at the bay bridge toll plaza, things are starting to back up towards the end of the parking lot. this morning, oakland authorities are offering a $30,000 reward to catch two suspects who raped and robbed three female roommates by gunpoint over the weekend. >> take a look at the rewards being put up, $30,000 really stands out as one of the bigger ones. it goes along with the heinous aspect of this crime. take a look at where it begin, west oakland bart station, 12:30 saturday night, a 26-year-old woman leaving the bart station, leaving the station between 11th and mark, two men sexually assaulted her, took her to an atm, took the money and forced her to take them to an
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apartment. at the apartment were two roommates and they sexually assaulted those women, as well. all told, three women sexually assaulted. at 3:30, three hours after it all begin, the two men finally left the apartment and the women called police. were taken to the hospital for treatment for their injuries. police are saying very little about the suspect which is kind of strange considering the length of time the women saw them and surveillance video at the atm only saying there were two black hamas and asking for the public's help in this offering $30,000 for information leading to an arrest and conviction. 6:33 and defense attorneys in the richmond gang rape case, retired detective testified about what the 16-year-old victim told him following a
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homecoming dance on campus. the girl did not remember anything after drinking from a brandy bottle that is wuand to from the scene. he says she was adamant about not consent to go sex and if anybody would have tried something she would have said no. preliminary hearing is to determine if seven suspects charge in the case will go to trial. it's expected to last for another two weeks. concord list say this arrest solved a 13-year-old case. they say he pulled off a woman off a sidewalk and raped her. murray's dna came up a match at a crime lab. he was arrested last week and may be responsible for other crimes. san francisco firefighters are looking for a cause after a stubborn fire that gutted a home and took hours to knock down overnight. the fire on 25th avenue was first lortd after midnight. flames got into the walls and floorboards of two-story home and that meant a lot of extra
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work. no reports of injuries to people but one of two pet dogs at the home died in the fire. dozens of entrepreneurs are applying for four permits to operate industrial medical marijuana farms. they attended a meeting at city hall. state and local laws allow medical marijuana in oakland but federal law does not. >> are you coming to jail with me? >> i'm not sure we'll be there, fighting that fight. >> once the applicants are determined the final selection will be made by a blind process and announced on january 19. san francisco firefighters worked early this morning to knock down a stubborn house fire. the fire on 25th avenue was reported just after midnight.
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flames -- we reported this story already and move on and talk about what is going to be happening in the sierra. snow that has been following there is welcome addition to state's water supply last year initial projection was 5 percent and if we get a normal year of rain and snowfall, towns and cities should get 60% of the delivery or more. >> we're going to show you conditions live along highway 50 in pollack pines so you can see what the snowfall and what the precip is like. >> we'll go live to pollack pines. >> how about that? okay. >> must have a look at the forecast. >> we could go to pollack pines right now, but we won't go
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there. >> good morning. it's tuesday. showers out there and what we're really concerned with, once we get past that, there sat cold front right there and you can see that is going to bring breezy conditions this afternoon and cold freezing tonight. until we get to, that we have waves of showers and out ahead of the cold front you are seeing them building up. those will continue to slide to the west but more will develop out of the cold front until it moves through about noon. let's talk about what is happening 8:00 tomorrow. pretty impressive radar returns, temperatures hanging around the 40s to 50s. already by lunch, watching the rain move down to the south and stay away and sunshine starting to break out. temperatures still in the low to mid-50s. by the time we get to 4:00, we'll see more sunshine but the temperatures will start dropping. it will be cooler when you head home from work today than when
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you head to work. temperatures will continue their freefall to freezing levels tomorrow morning. in fact, we have freezing conditions in the east bay and north bay valleys and then a freeze watch for tomorrow. that is for all of us except for the coastline. once we get past that, look for sunshine, sunny weather, mid to upper 50s but temperatures throughout the seven-day forecast will be well below average. frances is here with an update on the traffic. >> traffic is pretty slow on the east shore freeway, this is where we see the slowest ride right now is westbound 80. drive time is over half an hour from the carquinez bridge down to the maze. and interstate 80 having problems in the sierras, there was numerous spinouts due to the snow. right now all traffic is being stopped eastbound at applegate. that is just about ten miles
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east of auburn, a long stretch all the way out to the nevada state line. heading back to the bay area, live shot of the golden gate bridge, roads are slick. there was an earlier crash at tiburon that has been cleared. check out the back-up that is developing, it's almost to the overcrossing. if you are heading up to the sierra, you'll need your chains and may want to avoid going there until after 4:00 this afternoon. you go ahead. >> remember we told you, we're going to take you to live pollack pines, three times actually. apparently the cold has cracked the lens on the camera up there. it's a technical glitch and we can't show it to you. >> ones of those days. you want to repeat that.
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>> that's okay. >> trapped for five days on a small island. the critical piece of equipment they decided not to use for days even though could could have made his rescue earlier. >> we will have a live report from the new york stock exchange straight ahead. live look at the big board, dow is off considerably, down 118 points. >> some are causing it a major step toward war. >> temperature may hit the books in south bay. we'll let you know what has lit up opponents
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welcome back.
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is 6:43, california forecast, look how wet it is, except for around san diego and l.a. where it's about 60. mid-50s around eureka checking in at 41 degrees. speaking of snow, weather warning storm continues up to 4:00 this afternoon. up to three feet of snow above 7,000 feet. travel will be interesting, frances tells me. serious threats are mounting on the could reason yeah peninsula after north korea bombard add south korean island with artillery. south korea's president says it will unleash retaliation if the north attacks again. shelling killed at least two south korean marines and set dozens of buildings on fire where a small civilian
6:45 am
population lives alongside military installations. south returned fire. north korea is warning of more strikes if the south may see the smallest incursion over their border. it comes amid tensions over a claim they have a new uranium facility. >> new deal with apple. >> and don't expect if you refuse to comply with airport security pat-downs that everybody seems to love so much. jane king joins us live with money scope report. >> hello and good morning to you. north korean and south korean tensions you mentioned certainly have an impact on global markets, but don't expect a refinanced on major airlines if you cancel because of the new security procedures. american, continental and u.s.
6:46 am
airways they will not bend the rules unless you already bought a refundable ticket. delta will consider refunds. check out hewlett-packard, they are up about 2%, forecasting better than first quarter profits. they say businesses are putting off supplies. and prices are lower here, investors are keeping track between escalating tensions between south korea and north korea. we are lower 1% across the board. now with all the hype about black friday, western union saying black friday last year, 30% say, it wasn't worth their time. they say family and friends, and
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we're getting words of apple will be offering deals on black friday. check the online store on friday. the deal will be all be about the ipad. from the new york stock exchange i'm jane king. >> shoppers that don't like to use shopping dressing rooms have a new choice. macy's store in midtown manhattan they are checking out the magic mirror. it takes your picture and you scroll through a catalog. you move it around the mirror and you try it on you. the computer can pick accessories for your out fit. you can e-mail a friend to get their opinion. j.c. penney has the device also. rain and mountain snow,
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let's take a look at pollack pines, this is from earlier. you can see the snow coming down side ways there in eldorado county. difficult driving conditions this morning. winter storm warnings will continue through 4:00 but after 4:00, anything that is on the ground that is not frozen will quickly freeze tonight. black ice could be a problem. very icy conditions with the snow refreezing. back here at home, mostly cloudy conditions, not much rain in downtown san francisco right now. live doppler 7 hd and dividing line, placerville at 36 degrees. pollack pines, 31. for us the rain you can see it moving from west to east. heaviest amounts moving through the east bay valleys, through the sunol grade down to the south bay. we do have more developing up to the north and that is going to move through during the morning commute. so just about any time you could
6:49 am
get a scattered shower from about now through midday. temperatures, running pretty mild with wind coming off the ocean. 49 in fremont. low 50s for the rest of us. around the monterey bay, even inland, upper 40s to low 50s with a scattered shower also. morning rain, afternoon clearing and second one, freezing cold, near record low temperatures that are coming tonight and tomorrow night, there was showers but it looks to be pretty dry. front moving into the north bay valleys, sweeping straight south of the south bay by noon, across and out of the monterey bay by 2:00 and then we're left with a little sunshine and breezy conditions along the bay shoreline. also the higher elevations and coast, 25-35 mile-per-hour winds. rainfall amounts about .15 to half an inch in the higher elevations around the east bay hills and santa cruz mountains. temperatures well below average,
6:50 am
low to mid 50s and mid to upper 40s in clearlake and cloverdale. around the monterey bay, clearing later this afternoon and temperatures in the low to mid-50s even as you head inland. look at tonight, you see the 20 degree temperatures, low 30s in the north bay, east bay valleys, that is where we're going to have the freezing conditions around bait shore, mid to upper possible even out to the coast. from 1:00 to 9:00 in the morning lows in the 20s, if it gets below 28 for a couple of hours, that is a killing freeze. and santa clara is in for a freeze watch as temperatures drop to the low possible. it's the cold front is sliding straight down from the arctic that is bringing us this fresh outbreak of cold air. even when we see sunshine in the afternoon, we're still not going back to average. we'll be stuck in the mid to
6:51 am
upper 50s all the way through monday. again a small chance of a shower on saturday. sure enjoy seeing the weather photos over the weekend. we would love to see more. upload them to ureport or e-mail them to us. a lot of accidents this morning, we're seeing slow spots for your commute. bay bridge toll plaza is backed up at 880 overcrossing and slow through berkeley base of earlier accidents at san pablo. so we'll show you the live shot and 40 minute drive on westbound 80 from the carquinez bridge to the maze. also, interstate 80 is closed in the sierra, traffic is being stopped just about ten miles east of placerville. right now it's closed from at least gold run out to the nevada state line. you can get to the sierra on
6:52 am
highway 50 but you'll need chains. if you want to avoid driving there altogether and consider heading after 4:00. mike says tomorrow's weather will be better for the drive up to tahoe. 101 in millbrae where there was an earlier accident, southbound on broadway but still one northbound on 380 and also another one around broadway. another live shot, this is 101 in san rafael and seeing slow and go traffic as you make your way southbound to 580. we update our website 24/7. >> thank you very much. >> it's 6:52.
6:53 am
there is concerns that u.s. deficit could be mean a loss of funding for the high speed rail project. they are wasting no time to slash public spending. media partner contra costa times reports that $2 billion in stimulus funds promised to the high speed rail projects are about to be yanked. a congressman introduced a reinvestment rescission act. it would return $12 billion in unspent stimulus money to the feds to help reduce the deficits. >> a man was stranded in an island is now safe this morning. the ordeal started when he was a raft when it begin to sink. the man had a cell phone but said he didn't call authorities for days because he was too embarrassed and he didn't want to waste taxpayer's money on a rescue. he spent days repairing his raft
6:54 am
before calling for help. coastguard pinpointed his cell phone signal and got him off the island. oakland police have a $30,000 reward will lead them to men that raped three women at gunpoint. >> this unfolded over the course of three hours, a truly twisted crime and that is one of the reasons police are putting up $30,000, a lot of reward money to find these guys. it all begin, saturday night around 12:30. west oakland bart station, a 26-year-old woman left the bart station but only got as far as 11th, two men came up and sexually assaulted her and forced herb to an atm. then they forced her to her apartment where her two roommates were home. they sexually assaulted those two women, as well. the men finally left around 3:30
6:55 am
and women were taken to the hospital where they were treated at a hospital. police are not revealing much about these guys, described as two black males. there must be a lot to this story that will coming out later today. another top story of the morning let's go to teresa garcia. >> there is proposed new law in santa clara county that could make it tougher for minors to buy cigarettes. today the board of supervisors is voting on an ordinance that would regulate sales of tobacco in the unincorporated areas of the county. if approved would it require retailers to fill out an application and pay a $425 licensing fee. it would ban the sale of flavored tobacco products and no permits would be issued to any new stores that had pharmacies or located within thousand feet after school.
6:56 am
opponents are calling this a business buster, such legislation will hurt small businesses and their concern that there is no economic impact study. now although the state has the licensing requirements and under cover compliance check program they say it's not well enforced. other bay area cities that have license laws and just last week, san jose voted to move forward with such an ordinance. that would affect nearly 900 city retailers here. >> final check on weather and traffic. >> this is the way it looked east of lake port, they got their first snow up in the mountains there in the north bay. today, everything is falling as rain right now and mainly over to san pablo bay back to mill valley and another batch moving
6:57 am
through the sunol grade. this is moving to the west at about 25 miles per hour. more is going to develop along the cold front that is getting close to the north bay. expect scattered showers and rainfall amounts around .15 and temperatures in the low to mid 50s today. >> numerous accidents all around the bay area this morning. approaching the san mateo toll plaza and westbound 92, heading to the tolls and bay bridge toll plaza, not as heavy as normal but backed up to the west grand overcrossing. interstate 80 near tahoe is still closed out to the nevada state line. highway 50 is open. you will need chains. be careful where you are going until later today. thank you. thank you for joining us for the abc morning news. >> back with a local update
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